An individual records a patent application after the individual has made a thought or creation. This keeps others from benefiting from it. After one records for a patents in the United States, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) chooses whether to support it. This can be a long procedure, taking as long as five years. Following are the kinds of licenses accessible:

Utility Patent

Most normal kind of patent identified with innovation, for example, mechanics, science, and programming may incorporate drawings, diagrams, and programming an extremely definite portrayal of the patent is constantly important

Design Patent

Just exists in the United States. In different nations, structures aren’t protected.Capacity doesn’t make a difference for configuration licenses. Commonly, just a drawing of the structure is essential when recording a design patent application.

Plant Patent

Relevant for licenses that include plants, for example, blooms a flower vendor may patents a kind of cross breed blossom in the United States, licenses shield organizations from losing billions of dollars to contenders. For instance, a patent ensured the makers of the medication Littoral, which brought about 12.7 billion dollars in deals.
Licenses exist everywhere throughout the world, yet the laws shift by nation. For instance, in India, a patent gives the proprietor control over everything about that thought or article.